Monday, October 17, 2011

New german volunteer

Hello everyone, my name is Lea and I am a volunteer at SAMA Foundation. I am – again – from Germany and I will stay here for one year. My exchange organisation is the ICDE (International Cultural Dialogue and Exchange), which is the indian branch of the international organisation ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange).
I came to India two months ago and I already feel like a member of the SAMA family. So far my work mainly consists of working in the Daycare Centre in Yelahanka and in the New Office at Bashyam Circle. But my work is far more than that.
In these two months I experienced a lot with SAMA Foundation. I had the opportunity to attend a meeting about Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and I participated in a training for psychosocial Care and Lifeskills Education. Also there was a programme introduced, named STeP, which provides courses in computer skills and English conversation. Four weeks ago I assisted six days at a training for teachers on new CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) Guidelines at a place outside Bangaluru. At each event I got to know so many nice people and I already have invitations for the rest of the year :)
But the most time I am spending at the Day Care Centre. There I work with around 10 children, which are 3 to 18 years old. I play with them, teach them English or help to do physiotherapy exercises. The work with the children is really enjoyable and everyday holds another experience.
I like that my work is so varied and I am curious about the next ten months.

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